logoEco-Friendly Amenities

We use eco-friendly amenities.  Until about a year ago we would throwaway the small plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.  What this meant is that we were throwing away thousands of little bits of plastic amenity bottles every year.  Wasteful AND unnecessary.

One way to eliminate this would have been to install refillable dispenser systems in guestrooms.  But many of our bathrooms and shower units were not suitable for the installation or use of dispensers.  So, after a fair bit of research we decided to buy and label our own bottles and wash and refill them ourselves.

We had to find a good product.  Fortunately, Gemma and I have very sensitive skin so we were perfect guinea pigs.  After testing about 20 or more brands and varieties the best we found was “Serendipity” by Interior Images – a luxury Australian-made collection produced from the finest natural ingredients and delicately enhanced with pure essential oils.carbon-neutral-amenities-bottles

Then it was just a matter of finding some good quality bottles and getting some labels printed.

After much searching we discovered Ant Packaging – Australia’s first in industry to offset their carbon footprint and be carbon neutral. Ant Packaging are constantly taking steps to reduce their electricity consumption through the implementation of new technology (for instance, sine wave power factor correction) and are working on further improving efficiencies in production and distribution.  Ant Packaging is also developing expertise in manufacturing jars, caps and bottles from the new biodegradable, compostable plastics derived from sustainable non-petroleum sources.

For the labels – easy Sam at Bomaderry Printing – top guy and local.


Thousands less little plastic bottles needed each year and thousands less finding their way to landfill.  Hundreds making their way into our guests’ bathrooms – and that’s cool too – we’re glad you like them as much as we do!!