Emergency procedures

There is a fire extinguisher in your accommodation (and a fire blanket where there is a hotplate).

In the event of a fire or flood

  • Assemble at the emergency assembly area (see site map) and await instructions from staff or emergency services.
  • In the event of an evacuation, you must register with South Coast Retreat management or emergency services as having left the premises then proceed to the right, following Greenwell Point Road, to the Evacuation Centre located at the Greenwell Point Community Memorial Hall (81 Greenwell Point Road) next door to the service station. If you did not register as having left South Coast Retreat at the Emergency Assembly area, you will need to register at the Evacuation Centre.
  • All towable boats, caravans, trailers, etc. are to be towed and stored at the Rural Fire Service (24 Greenwell Point Road) located on the left before exiting Greenwell Point.

Recommended actions before evacuation (if time permits)

  • Listen to the local radio for updates on flood warnings and read notices at Reception
  • Check on neighbours
  • Disconnect all electrical leads
  • Fill clean water containers
  • Close down all gas bottles
  • Protect and relocate pets
  • Place items up out of flood water depth e.g. on tables
  • Empty fridges and leave doors open to prevent them from floating away

During the flood event

  • Don’t drink flood water
  • Don’t eat food that has come into contact with flood water
  • Don’t use phones unless in need of help or to report an emergency
  • Don’t use boats for sightseeing or to cross fast-moving water
  • Don’t mix flood water and alcohol – you may drown!
  • Don’t hinder operations by sightseeing
  • Don’t handle wet electrical equipment
  • Avoid hypothermia after becoming soaked
  • Watch for hidden dangers such as vehicle accidents caused by road washout, soft edges and damaged bridges, electrocution by overhead or fallen power lines
  • Boil all water until supplies have been declared safe
  • Take photos of flood waters and mark water heights if possible

Driving in flood areas

  • Check with police for safe routes before driving anywhere
  • Avoid areas subject to inundation
  • Beware of washouts, fallen power lines and floating objects
  • Don’t enter flood waters especially if the water is moving fast
  • If your vehicle stalls in rapidly rising water and you can safely jump to dry ground, do so immediately – do not stay in your car
  • If water is coming up too fast, do not try to wade over to dry ground, climb to the roof of your vehicle and signal for witnesses to immediately call 000 

Recovery procedure after the flood

  • Check with Police and SES before returning to the flooded area
  • Beware of snakes and spiders
  • Beware of health risks of wading through muddy water
  • Don’t use food or drinks which have been in contact with floodwater
  • Don’t handle electrical equipment
  • Boil all water until supplies are declared safe to drink
  • Wear shoes and gloves in any area which has been flooded

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