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Hop on a free Cruiser bike right here at South Coast Retreat and wheel around the bike-friendly Greenwell Point foreshore and township.

We offer 4 single-speed cruiser bikes for adults and 2 children’s (50cm) cruiser bikes.  They are ideal for getting around Greenwell Point — the eateries, shops, gallery, and the pub are all just a short ride away.  If your feeling active we can show you the route around the perimeter of town which includes some stretches of farmland and waterfront and is about 5km in distance.

If you would rather take it easy we offer free DVD rental and have a number of books that are free to read (or take with you if you don’t manage to finish it). Delicious expresso coffee is available from reception for a gold coin (or more) donation to Noah’s.

Subject to availability we also offer free range eggs from home as well as fruit (lemons, limes and grapefruit) and vegetables.  Please note that while egg production is generally consistent our ability to find them before our dog or the newly resident goanna is a little less consistent!  If you would like some free range eggs we can order them from local farmers – just let us know when booking.


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