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ar-shoalhaven-loweredNew Offshore Artificial Reefs in the Shoalhaven

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is improving recreational fishing opportunities in NSW through the development of offshore artificial fishing reefs in offshore locations.  The location of the artificial fishing reef  site near Angler’s Rest is within the Shoalhaven Bight, east-north-east of the Shoalhaven River entrance at an approximate depth of 30 m LAT. The size of the management area is 150 m x 250 m and the centre point of the reef area is 34°50.955 S, 150°47.731 E (WGS84).

Artificial fishing reefs are used extensively around the world to create fish habitat, and new high quality fishing opportunities for anglers. NSW DPI has deployed specially designed artificial fishing reefs in both estuarine and offshore waters aimed at providing new high quality fishing opportunities for recreational fishers.

The 20 specially designed artificial reef modules made from reinforced concrete were used to create the reef. Each module stands 5 metres tall and weighs over 23 tonne. The modules will collectively form a complex reef system with large caves, crevices and vertical relief to suit a wide range of fish species with a reef volume of 1600m3.

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