logoDog Friendly Beaches on the NSW South Coast

Dog Friendly Beaches

There are plenty of dog friendly beaches to take your dog for a run, walk or rest.  Many beaches near South Coast Retreat – Greewnell Point are also officially off leash either all day at certain times of day.

The South Coast has large swathes of native bush adjoining virtually empty beaches, so there are lots of places to choose from.  A few of these are listed below:

Shoalhaven Heads – along the Shoalhaven River foreshore between the boat ramp and the wharf

Culburra Beach – between 4pm and 8am the beach is designated off leash but I always find dogs having fun there, sometimes horses as well.

Currarong – from the creek to Peel St is off leash between 4pm and 8am. Callala – most of the beach bay is designated off leash, again between 4pm and 8am Huskisson – just Huskisson Beach is designated off-leash, from 4pm to 8am.

Calalla Beach, Jervis Bay – the eastern and western ends of the beach are officially off-leash from 4pm to 8am.

Remember – dogs are totally prohibited from entering within 10 metres of any children’s playground and within 200 metres of identified shorebird nesting sites or of ‘flagged’ beach patrolled area.

 More detailed information is available at the Shoalhaven City Council’s Off Leash Area Webpage.