logoDog(s) on Holiday – FAQ

Can we bring our dog(s) on holiday?

Yes.  Of course you can bring your dog on holiday. All our accommodation is dog friendly all year round.  We do insist that all dogs that come here be happy, well looked after and loved.  Dogs must be on-leash within the park and well-controlled and behaved to avoid upsetting other guests and of course droppings must be picked up.  We allow a maximum of 2 dogs per cabin or safari tent. Dogs are permitted (and very welcome) inside but not on furniture or in the bedrooms.  Please remember to protect your dog from the possibility of paralysis tick poisoning before arrival – a fatality risk in all NSW coastal areas.

Can we take our dog to the beach?

Yes – we believe that a dog on holiday loves the beach as much as we do – if not more!  Limits do apply though.  Culburra beach (from Park Row to Tilbury Cove) and Callala Beach (between Parkes Cres & Centre St and the Southern end of Callala Beach, south of the Beach St car park at Myola) are the closest legal off-leash beaches. It is legally off-leash from 4pm -8am.

In all other beaches and parks, except those in National Parks, dogs are permitted “on leash”. This means they must be under effective control. In reality our beaches most of the year are thinly populated and most dogs are let off physical leashes but owners are required to have them under effective control. Fully leashed supervision is definitely required at busy times.

How far is it to the beach?

The closest beach is across the road, but the closest surf beach (Culburra) is approx 14km by road through farmlands and around river systems. It is also about 2km across the Crookhaven river to the southern end of Seven Mile Beach (you can hire a tinnie or kayak to get there).

There are many picture perfect beaches in the Shoalhaven & Jervis Bay area.  The easiest way to choose the perfect one for you is to visit our beaches page or .. Yep, Google it!!