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Eco Friendly Initiatives

Here at South Coast Retreat we’re always trying to find a better way to serve our guests while improving our Eco Friendly initiatives.  Usually it’s easy to get inspiration – just look out the window at the big blue sky, Comerong island and the clean and clear water ways.

Over the past few years we have done some big, eco friendly things like installing solar panels, moving to 4 stroke engines on our tinnies and adding luxury “glamping” safari tents – think luxury hotel room or apartment but with beautiful canvas.

Until Sunday my favourite improvement was the introduction of carbon neutral, reusable amenities bottles that we re fill ourselves with high quality shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. We tried about a dozen or so different products before going with the Serendipity range from Interior Images.

eco friendly hanging spaceBut now – the best idea has to be the branch I spotted while out jogging…. One of our cabins has no wardrobe and was in need of somewhere to hang clothes.  I’d been pondering the problem for what seemed like ages, not wanting to clutter things up with a hardly used cupboard, but needing to have something… So there I was looking at all the branches that had fallen down in the latest wind and it came to me – find a nicely shaped branch, cut it back and screwed to the wall to add some eco-friendly hanging space to our newest Waterview Studio Cabin.

The idea worked and has been well received so we’ve now added them to the Luxury Safari Tents as well.

Hope you love them as much as we do.