logoBeautiful Benches Crafted from Salvaged Timber

Our latest eco-friendly inspiration has come from an old wooden bridge that was being demolished and rebuilt. The timber is being recycled and used to make recycled timber benches and more.

The fabulous old hard wood includes some cedar and was destined for the tip, so I asked the workers if they’d drop it all in at our place instead.  It would be a much shorter and easier trip for them and we’d get a lot of great quality wood … and a fair bit of rotten wood too…  Luckily for all of us they said yes!!

This beautiful bench is the first to have been hand crafted from the recycled timber.  The nails used are also from the old bridge.recycled timber bench from an old bridge

The wood that we now have for the fire pit is also from the bridge (but rotten), and once it has burnt we salvage the bolts and nails for future use… somewhere.

While one small bridge isn’t much it is another step in the right direction for the environment.  By using recycled timber and recycled nails we have not had to use any new resources and we have reduced the land fill load.

We hope you love them as much as we do.  Use them as a bench, or a luggage rack, or whatever suits you best!