South coast Retreat is a small family owned and operated eco-tourism certified business. We follow practices that minimise both our and our guests’ environmental impact in line with “RRR” (Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle). In practice what we do is work towards having positive impacts on the environment and on the community because it feels like the right thing to do.

Each year we improve our eco-tourism and community initiatives so we can get better socio-economic outcomes through employment, the use of appropriate goods and services and community support.

We  things like: donating to charities (more than 10% of our profits go to various NGOs including Miracle Babies, Sea Shepherd, ANSWDL, Prostate Cancer Foundation, MSF, Save the Children, Amnesty International, Noahs Shoalhaven and more);  improving energy self-sufficiency through the use of efficient appliances and the installation of solar panels.  We use efficient appliances, recyclable, biodegradable high quality, eco-friendly amenities that are free of animal-derived by-products and are never tested on animals. We also have some herbs and leaves ready to pick from the garden behind reception.

We provide cabin information guides to advise our guests how to minimise their environmental impact both here and at home.

By growing South Coast Retreat responsibly we aim to enhance the cultural integrity of local people and places by the creation of economic and social opportunities. We provide our guests with insights into the impact of human beings on the environment and on the indigenous population. For example –one of the earliest memories of one of our employees is hiding in the fishing nets at Jerrinja Mission, Culburra Beach to avoid being found and taken away / stolen by the “Gubbah”(police).  By telling stories like these we hope that all of us can learn and grow.

We hope that our efforts will help everyone foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats and our impact on each other, the community and the environment.