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There are some great fishing spots around Greenwell Point (on the NSW South Coast) in the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven River.  The reason is probably a combination of the tide – it is strong and flushes the river out twice a day; the oyster leases – oysters are filter feeders so they keep the water clean; and the vast mangrove systems that act as fish nurseries.

Just south of Angler’s Rest (around the corner from the pool and main jetty) is a channel that goes around and then between Goodnight Island and Orient Point. On a running  tide you can drift along and picked up a heap of Flathead, Bream and Flounder.

If you drift the main river you can pick up Flathead, Blackfish, Bream, Flounder and more.  You may try throwing your line towards the mud flats and slowly retrieve.  The Flathead come off the flats and rest in the channel next to the flats.  Give it a try the worst that can happen is no hookups.

Up towards Crookhaven Heads (river mouth) you have the retaining wall opposite the boat ramp and around that area is a good place to look for Jewies, Bream, Tailor, etc

If you go upstream past the punt and toward Shoalhaven Heads, there are big blackfish that haunt the retaining wall on the north side and if you’re very experienced you may find a Jewfish.

The bay area between the Crookhaven Boat ramp and Orient Point has mud flats where you can pump nippers. Flathead & flounder, etc all haunt this area as well. At Greenwell Point, around the corner, west of the pool and between the jetties you can catch  poddy mullet for bait.

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