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Some useful fishing tips for a fun day out

TIP 1:
Don’t put sunscreen on, and then put the bait on, as you will transfer some of the sunscreen from your hands to the bait, and this will make the bait act as a repellent, rather than an attraction.  The same applies for insect repellent but more so as the chemicals used in repellent will harm the entire river eco-system.

TIP 2:
Vary the technique by having moving, or stationary bait because fish are very fussy, so your bait presentation has to be right.  If you’re using prawns make sure you remove the shell and head so the fish can easily smell, taste and bite.

TIP 3:
If you are fishing for Flathead, use a running sinker 35 centimetres from the hook. If small fish pieces are not available for bait, try a whole prawn (shell and head removed and used as berley). Pilchards and Prawns are the best alternative bait for whiting.

TIP 4:
Another great family day can be had down at the beach, because it provides safe fishing for the kids, with easy access to the water’s edge. There are plenty of locations to access the beach and find your own place. Rig up with a running sinker, small hook, with prawns, fish pieces, or the popular plastic squidgies for bait.

Fishing is a great ‘all year round’ family friendly activity that can be enjoyed by all. The Jervis Bay has many beautiful fishing spots. Looking for some great fishing spots in Greenwell Point? Click here and check out our fishing spots blog post.

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