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Friendly DoggyOur pet friendly holiday accommodation is truly pet friendly so you can go on holiday without having to leave your pets behind.

If you don’t have a pet, relax – our pet friendly holiday accommodation is cleaned to very high standards, dog or no dog and all dogs that stay here must be friendly, well behaved and controlled – same for humans 😉

All our holiday accommodation  is pet friendly.  All holiday cabins are pet friendly inside and out and we are pet friendly all year round.

Rules of civility for pets and people include:

  • Pets are allowed inside cabins but not on furniture or in the bedrooms. Each cabin has a gated deck and Greenwell Point House has plenty of secure outdoor space.
  • Our aim is for everyone to have a great holiday so please make sure you dog is friendly, well behaved and controlled.
  • Whilst within the grounds pets must be on a leash, and of course, droppings must be picked up.  Also, please do not leave you dog unattended in the cabins.
  • There is a maximum of 2 pets per cabin, and there is a separate nightly tariff per cabin that is considerably less than you would pay for boarding kennels.
  • Please ensure your dogs are protected from the possibility of paralysis tick poisoning, a fatality risk in all NSW coastal areas.

Walking your Dog off the leash

Official Shoalhaven Off leash areas for dogs can be viewed by clicking on “off leash areas for dogs”.

Excluding National Parks, dogs are permitted “on leash” in all outdoor areas. This means they must be under effective control. In reality South Coast Beaches most of the year are thinly populated and most dogs are let off physical leashes but owners are required to have them under effective control.

Fully leashed supervision is definitely required at busy times.

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